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Clients can't hire an attorney they can't find online. Raise your visibility with more five star reviews. and repsite are misspellings of this domain


Repsight is an awesome way to direct high-star reviews for broad public consumption while directing low-star reviews to management for internal consumption. We are gaining traction on platforms that, but for Repsight, would have been hard for us to refer clients to.
Leslie Macomber
We are very happy with Repsight. It is simple, straightforward, and most importantly, extremely effective ... our response rate is extremely high, as are our ratings.
Attorney client
I'm using Repsight service only 1 month ago and my Google rating for the business shoot up from 2.9 to 4.2 now. What a magical result! I would like to strongly recommend to everyone...It really works!!!
Chin Tao
Repsight offers the service at an appropriate price point, which is within our budget, and provides excellent, responsive support in a timely manner every time I have a question.
Attorney client
Easy to use sight! Rates are amazing too! Thank you for taking us from a 3.2 to 3.8 in just a few weeks ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Kahli Bryant
Our business is practicing law, not worrying about client reviews. Repsight takes care of our reviews for us and lets us get back to work.
Attorney client

Simple to set up

Start sending reviews in 5 minutes

Add reviews for your practice/firm at Google, Avvo, Facebook, Yelp,, BBB, Yellow Pages, and more. Don't get lost in the search engines, climb them!

Select your business listing

You will receive email alerts of review score changes and new reviews. Watch in real-time as your score climbs with

Enter an email / phone #

Your clients receive an email or text message thanking them for their business and asking them to rate you from 1 to 5 stars

Get 5 star reviews

Clients are automatically sent on to the review site(s) of your choice. Build reviews on all the top legal review sites.

Works with 64 different sites

Works with Google
Works with Facebook
Works with Avvo
Works with
Works with Justia
Works with Findlaw
Works with Better Business Bureau
Works with Yellow Pages
Works with Judy's Book


Plug Repsight into your favorite legal practice management software and start automatically sending review requests.

Put your reviews on autopilot

Your reviews are a critical factor in your online search ranking, your visibility and for word of mouth referrals.

Getting started is simple

Add your review sites, or let us do it for you for free. In less than 5 minutes you can be sending automated review requests.

  • Send reviews with a single click

    Enter a client's email address, a mobile number or both and hit send. Repsight will take it from there!

  • Follow-ups are sent to unanswered requests

    If the review request goes unanswered for 3 days, a single followup will be automatically sent.

  • You'll get alerts when your score changes

    Find out in real-time when you receive a new review or your score changes.

Cover your bases

Repsight works with 64 sites including Google, Facebook, Avvo, Clio, Yelp,, Yellow Pages and Practice Panther.

  • Integrate with your practice management software

    If you are a Clio or Practice Panther customer, Repsight integrates directly and will automatically send review requests to clients when a matter is closed.

  • Customize your review request emails

    Edit and test out your contact messages, customizing the content to your practice or firm.

  • Works with multiple businesses or locations

    Have multiple offices or attorneys? No problem. One Repsight account can manage unlimited offices and review sites.

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Learn more about building reviews for your business.


Plans for firms of all sizes

All plans come with a 7 day free trial, cancel at any time. Additional plans available at checkout.


$49 /mo

Our most popular plan, the perfect size for most small to medium firms.

  • 7 day free trial

  • 50 emails / text messages monthly

  • Score change and new review alerts

  • Free reminder emails and texts


$99 /mo

4 times the texts and emails for busier firms or multiple offices.

  • 7 day free trial

  • 200 emails / text messages monthly

  • Score change and new review alerts

  • Free reminder emails and texts

Frequently asked questions

If I want to cancel the 7 day trial, do I have to call you? And will I be billed?
We think it should be illegal to make subscriptions hard to cancel. There is a great big "cancel" button in your account, you can click it anytime. You will not be billed if you cancel your trial.
Why are reviews for attorneys important?
Your reviews help determine your search ranking, which is how your clients find you. The yellow pages are a thing of the past, mobile search is the new phone book.
Does Repsight use "review gating" or does it comply with Google's terms?
Repsight complies 100% with Google's policy on review gating. We do not "discourage or prohibit" as per the Google terms.
Can I customize the emails my client will see?
Absolutely. You can change the email text and even the subject line. Your clients will see your firm name, not Repsight.
Can one client leave reviews on multiple review sites?
They can! When sending a review request, you can choose to show your client multiple review sites and they can post reviews on as many as they like.
I have law offices in multiple cities, will this work for me?
Yes! You can have unlimited businesses set up, each with its own review sites and review requests.