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Businesses can be haunted by a few inaccurate or negative reviews. Without taking action, these "bad" reviews can turn customers away and lower your search ranking. While you may not always be able to remove them outright, there are several steps you can take that will greatly improve the situation.  Continue reading.

You've signed up for and you're ready to start getting more Google and Facebook business reviews. There are a few simple recommendations that will help you get more 5 star reviews and raise your local search ranking to bring in more customers.  Continue reading.

Twenty years ago when you needed a lawyer, dentist, plumber, salon or almost any local business, you would pick up a big, heavy phone book and peruse the “yellow pages” for interesting looking candidates. Today you’d be lucky to find a phone book, and if you did it might well be in your Grandma’s attic gathering dust.  Continue reading.


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